Five principles

The Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth (AHT) promotes 5 principles:

  1. For the future of the Inhabitants of the Earth, a responsible humanity must learn to live together by adhering to feminist, ecological, united, democratic and peaceful ideals (opposed to any war, in particular nuclear).
  2. With a view to collective security and climate stabilization, power can only be distributed among all the Inhabitants of the Earth, the UN only votes in the General Assembly of 193 countries and the Security Council abolished in its current form.
  3. Humanity must have a World Security Council for the defense of public common goods, which can speak to the United Nations, with the ear of all countries.
  4. Essential goods and services (air, water, health, seed biodiversity, health and knowledge) would be free, shared and non-merchandizied, speculative finance and the use of tax havens outlawed, in order to prevent the domination of the richest 0.1% over the whole of humanity, victim of impoverishment / exclusion / misery.
  5. Citizens are grouped together locally (act locally, think globally), mobilized through targeted actions in defense of the common good. In 2020, the common priority action has been to demand with science and the WHO free vaccines, free of patents.

General requirements and basic principles

The planetary imperative. It is up to humanity to be responsible:

– the life of all human beings and peoples of the Earth by giving priority to the 3 billion and more people who are excluded and impoverished;

– the life of other living species.

It is not enough to approve the charters of rights / duties, humanity also has an obligation to create the institutions with the means to enforce common rules.

Basic Principles / Rules

The principle of plural universal citizenship:

The goal of creating wealth in the world cannot remain that of enriching the strongest, but of ensuring the general security of existence for all women and men of humanity. It will be difficult, but the realization will happen sooner or later. The important thing that it remains among the inspiring principles of the paths of humanity.

The principle of wisdom and limits:

History shows that it is not correct to think that everything that is technically possible must be done. There are existential limits that must not be exceeded. In uncertainty or in the presence of unreliable data or serious conflicts, precaution must prevail over the assumption of certified risk. Violence provides no solution to problems, non-violence is the source of life for all.

The principle of the World res publica:

That is to say, the construction of the paths which will allow humanity to eliminate the forms of violence and domination of one country over another, of a people over other peoples, of a social group on the remaining groups of human societies.

A principle whose application will allow the human community of the World to promote increasingly participatory institutional political engineering and to cultivate the promotion and safeguard of World public commons, within the framework of an individual and collective, shared responsibility, from citizens.