The testimonial meeting will take place this June 19, 2022, starting at 4:00 pm.
The meeting will also be streamed on the Monastero del Bene Comune facebook page.

How many thousands more deaths, how much destruction of villages, towns, hospitals, schools, how much hatred and will to exterminate the enemy? About 6 million Ukrainians fleeing the country. How many more millions of starving people will there be in the coming months in Africa without grain, and how many farmers in Brazil unable to produce food without pesticides?

But Russia, the US, the EU, NATO and Ukraine want the war to continue until they win. The Inhabitants of the Earth want to testify to the total repudiation of war, from Italy to Quebec, from Chilean Patagonia to Wallonia, from the West of France to Senegal, from Rosario in Argentina to Lebanon, …

In remembrance of all those who have committed themselves and are committing themselves to justice, the encounter between different cultures, reconciliation, cooperation in favour of a new way of living together, respect for the common good, we wish to give voice to the culture of peace and coexistence, a luminous expression of common humanity. The culture of hatred does not belong to humanity, but that of reconciliation based on trust even towards ‘enemies’. Learning to lose the victory to build peace. With bare hands, without weapons.

We will do this with direct multi-voice interventions, in various languages, with short videos, quotes, readings of texts, songs.

The meeting will also be streamed on the Monastero del Bene Comune facebook page.



4 p.m.: First session:
“They want war, the unacceptable”.

Greetings by Silvano Nicoletto, Monastero del Bene Comune,
Introduction by Francesco Comina (journalist) and Luca Cecchi (Comitato Acqua Bene Comune di Verona).
Interventions by
Enrico Peyretti, writer, scholar of nonviolent thought and its masters.
Lisa Clark, Blessed are the builders of peace
and Francesco Vignarca, Italian Peace and Disarmament Network in connection from Vienna where the Conference on the Treaty Against Nuclear Weapons is being held.
Pierre Jasmin (Canada), Artistes pour la Paix (de Montréal)
Giorgio Beretta, Opal Observatory and Italian Peace and Disarmament Network
Don Renato Sacco, Pax Christi Italy
Jessica Cugini, journalist
There will be a video or written message from Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner (Argentina)


Break: music with Maria Palatine (singer)

5.5 p.m. Second Session
“We want peace, banning the ongoing global war”:

 Introduction: Riccardo Petrella, Agora of the Earth Inhabitants
Testimonies of work by young schoolchildren from Coyhaique (Northern Patagonia, Chile), by Luis Infanti de la Mora, Bishop of Aysén and from Molenbek by Fabrice Delvaux, NGO Kreativa
Reading of texts: Pietro Pizzuti, actor and Bernard Tirtiaux, sculptor, writer
Interventions by:
Roberto Savio, founder IPS and Other News.
Walther Baier, Tranform Austria.
Philippe Veniel, Boisselière (France)
Anibal Faccendini (Argentina) Universidad Nacional de Rosario,
Patrizia Sentinelli, former minister, Altramente,
Pierre Galand former senator, Belgium, Forum Nord-Sud.
Maira de Melo (Brazil), Agora of the Inhabitants of the Earth.
Lilia Ghanem, Lebanon, journalist, anthropologist.
Sicilian group, Agora of the Earth Inhabitants
Alassane Ba (Senegal), Pharmacists Ethics Centre.

Reading of the Appeal to the Earth Inhabitants
7.30 p.m.: Conclusions: Roberto Musacchio, Transform Europe