Montagne de Bueren

Roped on the rise of
the Other World Health Summit



Human chain

Visibility action for a “republicization” of the pharmaceutical industry

In different regions of the world, on the same day, citizens get up and in a roped party to climb against the merchandization of access to health for all!

Live connection of two roped parties with the global videoconference of the MoveUp 2021 initiative chaired by Riccardo Petrella, who will proclaim the Citizens’ Memorandum.

The Citizens’ Memorandum is addressed to Inhabitants of the Earth and to representatives of civil society. It will be communicated for information to the President of the European Commission and to the President of the Italian Council of Ministers who are together hosting the G20 Global Health Summit on May 21, 2021 in Rome.


Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 6 pm



At a distance of 1.50m from each other

Where ?

In Belgium : Brussels and Liege

Brussels : rue des Minimes, at the bottom of the west facade of the Palais de Justice

Liege : Stairs of the “Montagne de Bueren”


Brussels : From the lower part of the Marolles (the people) to the Palais de Justice: how does the Belgian Government intend to defend social justice and the universal right to health at European level?

Liege : From the Town Hall, place of exercise of local democracy to the Public Hospital of La Citadelle, place of access for all to screening, prevention and health care

Why ?

A few days before the G20 Summit to be held in Rome,

  • denounce the enrichment of shareholders of large multinationals on the back of the Covid-19 pandemic and unequal access to vaccines,
  • claim the abolition of patents on life,
  • point the need to develop a global public industry in the pharmaceutical sector.

With whom ?

Bruxelles : CGSP, Santé en lutte, Actrices et Acteurs des Temps Présents, Rise4Climate

Liege : PAC, CNCD, ATTAC, Equipes populaires, Solidaris (FPS, Lattitudes Jeunes, ASPH, Espace Seniors), FGTB and CSC

An initiative of :

ASBL Agora des Habitants de la Terre

Join us !

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