La tragédie du loup et de l’agneau. Irréversible ?

The new escalation of violence in Palestine has already caused hundreds of victims, mostly civilians in addition to those of the past and many more, perhaps thousands, will follow if the weapons are not silenced and negotiations for a just peace resume.
The war will not avenge the victims of the past, but it will cause other victims, it will not recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian populations, it will not give security to the Israeli populations, it will dig further trenches of hatred among people.
This is why we join those in the world who are calling to stop the war immediately, before it becomes total and enters the homes of every single inhabitant of Palestine, Israel, the Mediterranean and beyond.
We express our closeness to the families of the victims, all of them, and our solidarity to the populations of that tormented land.
However, we must remember that the ongoing escalation is the consequence of the continuing military occupation, the apartheid regime in the West Bank and the siege of Gaza, illegal colonization, administrative detentions, the theft of land and water, the humiliation of checkpoints, the steady stream of violence and episodes of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian population which have been ongoing for decades with full impunity.
For this reason, as the Convention for Rights in the Mediterranean, committed to promoting a true and just peace process throughout the Mediterranean, we denounce the responsibility of the entire international and in particular European community for having looked the other way when this happened and for not having worked with conviction for the only solution that can put an end to violence forever: the full recognition of the human and national rights of Palestinian men and women alongside and on equal terms with those of Israelis.

The Convention on Human Rights in the Mediterranean was signed in 2021 , among others on the initiative of Agora des Habitants de la Terre, by several associations and organizations from 18 Mediterranean countries .
The right to peace is, above all, a state of love for life and a deep sense of brotherhood with others. The dominant Western world, blinded by the dogma of warlike, conquering freedom, has destroyed love for life and killed fraternity with others. RP