Memorandum and Move Up 2021 initiative

On 18th of May 2021, the Agora of the inhabitants of the Earth published The Citizen’s Memorandum: No Profit on People and Planet! A global public health policy, now !

Health Injustice: 2,1 billion people live without safe drinking water, 2,5 billion people don’t have any health protection. Meanwhile, In 2020, 2.000 billion $ were spent on arms!

The Citizens’ Memorandum is published in view of the G20 World Health Summit in Italy, and supported by and Thanks to their support, a collaborative platform, the Move UP 2021 Initiative, was set up, joined by 40 people and associations. The final drafting of the document benefited from various individual and group contributions in Italy and other regions of the world.

6 padlocks to blow up:

  1. The predominance of negative feelings: fear, insecurity, sexism, xenophobia, racism, classism.
  2. The principles of domination and inequality
  3. The national absolute sovereignty on natural resources and “national security
  4. The commodification and financialisation of life
  5. The privatisation of essential common public goods
  6. Military spending and war.

10 commitments for a global public health policy:

Health public policy is a universal rights policy

  1. The universal rights to life must guide the future of humanity.
  2. Strengthening the process of the recognition of the rights of nature.

Health public policy is a policy of knowledge

  1. To abolish private and for profit patents on living organisms and artificial intelligence.
  2. Research an development (R&D) activities for life must be public under collective responsibility, funding, control and assessment. A world system of pooling knowledge under UN umbrella is a first important step.
  3. To implement a “Global Science Pact” for life and security of all the inhabitants of the Earth.

Health public policy is a policy for common and public goods

  1. Health activities, infrastructures and services are public goods/services, to safeguard and promote the life of all the inhabitants of the Earth.
  2. Finance for life. The pharmaceutical industry and the health ”national” system must be publicly owned, financed ,governed and accountable.
  3. Outlaw speculative and predatory financial activities.

Health public policy is a policy of democracy

  1. Promoting the recognition of Humanity as a political and institutional subject, a key player in the world regulation.
  2. Creation of the Citizen’s Security Council for the World Common Public Goods.

The Citizen’s Memorandum